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Loyal Definition from dictionary.comLoyal is the word that Kate over at Five-Minute Friday gave on Thursday. I am five days late with my post. Sorry. Life has changed in a big way.


Loyal = Faithful

I find it interesting that dictionary.com uses the word “faithful” in each of these definitions. Is there anyone more faithful than our Lord? Even when we are not.

I wrote this as a comment on Susan’s “Loyal” post at HopeHeartHome.

Loyalty is beautiful. It is one of the qualities that the Lord seems to have given me in abundance even when it makes no sense. It troubles me, though, that loyalty to the Lord seems harder in the easy seasons. Right now is a season of turmoil, change, sad, just plain HARD. (Actually, 5 days after I wrote this words, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We trust God that it is not an oncoming train.) Loyalty to Him is easy. But when life is coasting along, like when I was living the suburban mom life in my 30s, my loyalty to the Lord and His principles took a backseat.

So, while I’m loyal in the extreme to people, I aspire to greater loyalty to my Heavenly Father in the good times.

I am astonished, amazed and humbled that, in the face of my disloyalty, my lack of faithfulness, HIS character never ever changed. My Savior never left me. Our Heavenly Father never stopped loving me. He never will. I cannot fathom it but somehow I still know the truth of it.

I pray that God will make me more faithful to Him and that my loyalty will never fade, that I will praise and worship all of my days.

A VERY good word.

And, speaking of loyalty, I love the story of Ruth and Naomi. Widows after my own heart.


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