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Loved An FMF Post about JEsusLoved” is the word for this week’s Five-Minute Friday over at Kate’s place. I saw it when I woke up this morning and have been sitting on pins and needles, eager to get all of my work done so I could write.


I have felt embattled from all sides the last few weeks. It has been house problem after house problem, my sister’s cancer battle, another sister’s stuff, just so many different things. I felt myself getting hard and bitter and unable to do anything about it. It felt as though my prayers didn’t even hit the ceiling.

The second Sunday in August was Communion Sunday. I LOVE Communion Sunday. I almost didn’t go. I nearly called my sweet neighbor, Maggie, who drives me to church, several times to tell her I couldn’t make it. That felt dishonest and it actually pushed me to my knees. I begged the Lord to search my heart, root out any unconfessed sin, and to please forgive me for being such an ungrateful brat. After all, these are momentary troubles in the light of eternity and Jesus’ sacrifice for me.

Because I am loved by such a merciful God, He heard my prayers and answered them. I awoke that Sunday with a heart of peace and approached the altar with gratitude and joy. I have carried that peace, gratitude, and joy with me since.

Life hasn’t gotten better. I just realize that loved as I am, the Lord won’t allow anything that will cause me real harm. He loves me enough to chasten me and to make me see the errors in my ways. Then He takes my hand and helps me up again.

There has been evidence of that love, that mercy, and grace, every single day since.

I am so grateful to be loved.


I have loved this song since I was a child. Maybe you will as well.

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  1. Beautiful post Shelby. Thank you for the reminder that I am loved by the Lord. It’s often hard to remember when things are not going well. Thanks again.

  2. Those are all hard things to deal with individually, much less piled on top of each other. Sometimes when we most need church and communion are the times we least “feel” like participating. So glad you went and felt His love!

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