Keeping True To Your Purpose

keeping true with compass against path
What Is Keeping True?

On an episode of The Big Bang Theory, one of my guilty pleasures, there is a scene where Howard tells Leonard to “keep true,” and explains that keeping true means continuing straight on your path. No deviation. As an illustration, when Leonard does deviate (don’t we all at times?), he bumps his head.

Have you identified your path — your purpose — in business? In life? What is the compass that is helping you with keeping true?

Faltering Off Course

It is very easy to allow “shiny object syndrome,” the latest/greatest theories, gizmos, and gadgets, to throw us off course. Easier yet to falter when the hard times come.

I did that this morning with a business matter. I faltered because for just a brief moment I wanted the quick and easy solution. For just a moment but it struck something deep within me and I corrected course less than five minutes later.

How To Keep True

If you aren’t resolutely certain of your purpose — your path — it’s hard to stay on course. It’s great to have an accountability partner for just such times. It’s good to have a coach to help you identify that purpose. And, for me, the very best thing is to have my faith which often whispers but doesn’t hesitate to raise its voice when need be.

Keep true to your purpose. Whatever it is, someone in the world needs it and you.

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  1. What a wonderful post! You are giving me something to think about that adds to lessons that God has been teaching me for the past few months. Thanks so much.

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