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woman pregnant waitingWoman.  I was up extra-early this morning and visited over at Kate’s Five-Minute Friday to see what the word for today is and she had chosen: woman.  Wow. Where to go with this one. Cue the second cup of coffee.

Here we go:

The word “woman” mostly makes me think of waiting. Women spend so much time waiting.

We wait to be asked on a date (well, women of my generation did!), we wait to be asked to marry the man we love, we wait for children. And we wait for the children to grow up. We wait for our husbands to retire or, for some of us, we wait and watch as they die.

While a woman is waiting, what is it that she is doing with her time? For the most part, she is not idle. Okay, well, maybe in those last few, lumbering, awkward days of pregnancy.

A woman’s time is spent serving. 

I am one of the younger people at my church and I am astonished at how much the women in that congregation serve. These women, mostly aged from 70 to their early 90s are serious servants! They paint, they clean, they cook, they drive those who can’t drive themselves.

The Proverbs 31 woman has always intimidated me. She is so busy, so resourceful, so, well, everything! My friend, Susan Shipe, of Hope Heart and Home, has written a book about Proverbs and she helps to demystify that strong woman.

The women of my church — and Susan — are living examples of a Titus 2 woman — the kind of woman I want to be one of these days.


In my season of waiting through Rich’s last year or so, I came to love the movie Fireproof. Since I’ve touched on the topic of waiting, I’d like to share my favorite song from that movie with you. It has been and continues to be my anthem:



16 thoughts on “FMF Friday: Woman”

  1. Shelby, you are an amazing woman yourself. You help so many with hope-filled encouragement. I am struggling through a web page transfer so posted on Facebook Notes. Almost there! So love your support through Susan’s Facebook group.

    1. Thanks for the visit and the kind comments, Karen. If I can help in any way with your transfer, give me a shout. Even just for moral support and encouragement!

  2. Shelby, I love where you took this post. We do wait . . . a lot. Don’t we? I love the movie, Fireproof, and I’m so glad you shared the song here. It’s been ages since I’ve heard it. What a great reminder that we can serve and we can worship in our waiting times. You’ve given me food for thought today.

  3. Love this Shelby! A woman’s life is certainly a hurry up and wait cycle isn’t it? I am inspired by so many women with servant hearts! I long to be more like them! (I have a feeling you are one!) Thank you for inspiring me today, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for the visit! I’d love to be more like those women, too. I’m not quite there yet but I am a work in progress!

  4. I am also struck by how much women serve, especially older women. I’ve been involved in a holiday club (VBS) this week, helping out at another church, and I was amazed by the women there (most of them in their 70s) by how much they did and their commitment. Visiting from FMF #20.

  5. Shelby you reminded me of the concept of serving and worshipping as we wait. I was always a “God Chaser,” I struggled to learn how to be a “God Catcher,” two books by Tom Denney. God Catchers taught me how to.wait on God in worship, like a waitress waiting on tables. Sometimes we serve and other times we submit and allow God to wait on us, on the flip side, it’s often hard to surrender before God can wait on us. Thanks for.cherished memories.

  6. Shelby, thank you for the reminder that I am to serve. I often get caught up in the waiting and forget that I can still be useful for the kingdom. May the Lord bless you!

  7. I”m so with you, Shelby! I was so intimidated by the thought and description of trying to live up to being the Prov 31 woman! And I also agree… Susan is such a great example! I actually wrote a tribute to another Prov 31 woman in my life for this prompt as well!

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