Welcome To My Blog!

Woman Journaling - I Blog
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Welcome to my blog!

It has been a very long time since I have written consistently. This blog will be a funky blend of things — kind of like me. You’ll find the personal, the WordPress/business stuff, tips and tricks, and other things I find fascinating. Hopefully, you will either learn something about me or the topic at hand or at least find some amusement in my ramblings.

So I’m Shelby and I started building websites in 1996, when I opened my first solopreneur business in medical transcription. I started a mom blog, Apron Strings and Angst, about 2007-2008 and it ran until about 2012. My handle in some online places is “christiangeek,” which seems to fit me just perfectly. I’m a research nerd who loves Jesus. I’m a remarried widow and mom to two LGBT kids (yes, I still love them and no, I haven’t disowned them).

I have lots of hopes and dreams. I’m passionate about helping women find purpose and joy. And I look forward to getting to know you!

I will do my best to label each blog post so you can sort according to your interests. Welcome to my online world!