Bloom Where You’re Planted – How To Grow Organically

Bloom and Grow Where You Are Planted

“Bloom where you’re planted.” I have had a love/hate relationship with that phrase! As I get older, it makes more sense. It is hard to grow — as a person, a business, a Christian.  It’s even harder to grow organically, without losing who bits of yourself or making changes and compromises that don’t fit who you are.

In my quest to become a solopreneur (again),  I have joined (too) many Facebook groups. As I drop, one by one, those in which the sole focus is to “earn a million bucks in one launch,” I’m looking for those that resonate with my faith and my own life view. One that I really enjoy is called the Made For More Community and is founded by Emily Grabatin. In reading through her FB group, I found a blog post she had written entitled, “Bloom Where You Are Planted.” This is a favorite topic of mine. I encourage you to read it if you are seeking change. It’s a good read about how you can use the circumstances of where you are now to facilitate becoming a better you when the changes you hope and dream and pray for do come.

It brought to mind, for me, wildflowers growing in a meadow. They don’t strive for air or soil or water. They simply grow where they are. Nothing against cultivated flowers, like orchids, but for myself, I think I’d rather be a wildflower.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Shelby! I love the simplicity in your reflection here. Wildflowers seem to grow with less… striving and worry. They just are. What beautiful imagery. : )

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