FMF Friday: Woman

woman pregnant waitingWoman.  I was up extra-early this morning and visited over at Kate’s Five-Minute Friday to see what the word for today is and she had chosen: woman.  Wow. Where to go with this one. Cue the second cup of coffee.

Here we go:

The word “woman” mostly makes me think of waiting. Women spend so much time waiting.

We wait to be asked on a date (well, women of my generation did!), we wait to be asked to marry the man we love, we wait for children. And we wait for the children to grow up. We wait for our husbands to retire or, for some of us, we wait and watch as they die.

While a woman is waiting, what is it that she is doing with her time? For the most part, she is not idle. Okay, well, maybe in those last few, lumbering, awkward days of pregnancy.

A woman’s time is spent serving. 

I am one of the younger people at my church and I am astonished at how much the women in that congregation serve. These women, mostly aged from 70 to their early 90s are serious servants! They paint, they clean, they cook, they drive those who can’t drive themselves.

The Proverbs 31 woman has always intimidated me. She is so busy, so resourceful, so, well, everything! My friend, Susan Shipe, of Hope Heart and Home, has written a book about Proverbs and she helps to demystify that strong woman.

The women of my church — and Susan — are living examples of a Titus 2 woman — the kind of woman I want to be one of these days.


In my season of waiting through Rich’s last year or so, I came to love the movie Fireproof. Since I’ve touched on the topic of waiting, I’d like to share my favorite song from that movie with you. It has been and continues to be my anthem:



Keeping True To Your Purpose

keeping true with compass against path
What Is Keeping True?

On an episode of The Big Bang Theory, one of my guilty pleasures, there is a scene where Howard tells Leonard to “keep true,” and explains that keeping true means continuing straight on your path. No deviation. As an illustration, when Leonard does deviate (don’t we all at times?), he bumps his head.

Have you identified your path — your purpose — in business? In life? What is the compass that is helping you with keeping true?

Faltering Off Course

It is very easy to allow “shiny object syndrome,” the latest/greatest theories, gizmos, and gadgets, to throw us off course. Easier yet to falter when the hard times come.

I did that this morning with a business matter. I faltered because for just a brief moment I wanted the quick and easy solution. For just a moment but it struck something deep within me and I corrected course less than five minutes later.

How To Keep True

If you aren’t resolutely certain of your purpose — your path — it’s hard to stay on course. It’s great to have an accountability partner for just such times. It’s good to have a coach to help you identify that purpose. And, for me, the very best thing is to have my faith which often whispers but doesn’t hesitate to raise its voice when need be.

Keep true to your purpose. Whatever it is, someone in the world needs it and you.

FMF Friday: Anniversary

30I have not been writing for joy of late. My writing has been about drumming up business for my WordPress website design business. That’s all well and good, but there’s more to life, yes?

I had made a conscious decision to begin participating in Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Fridays as a way to jumpstart my writing. It is the fourth year that she has been hosting Five-Minute Friday so the word she chose was: anniversary. Here we go:

The word “anniversary” brings up thoughts of happy occasions. Mostly, the time in a marriage.  This particular year, 2018, there are several anniversaries near and dear to my heart.

Thirty years ago, I met Rich, my first husband. We met online, on a long-defunct Commodore platform called Q-Link. It was pretty much love at first type. We got married a year later and I became an instant mom to his three kids of whom he had full custody. Then we added two more kids to the mix.

The second anniversary is about Rich, as well. Eight years ago, he died of complications of diabetes. I’m finding that the waves of grief ebb and flow and remarriage doesn’t change that.

The August 17 anniversaries are multiple. My Rich would be 71, my older sister will be 66, and my late MIL (Joe’s mom) went home to Jesus.

The most important anniversary is that ten years ago, Jesus called me back to Him. I’d been a neglectful Christian through my 20s and 30s and then, in my 40s, a lot of things began to change. My mom died and two months later my marriage hit a huge snag. The foundation of my world as I knew it crumbled. In the spring of 2008, I began to hear whispers in my heart.

“You’re not alone. You’ve never been alone. I am here. I am always here. You are loved beyond what you can imagine.”

Salve to my soul. It took a while for me to believe and the whispers became shouts.

But ten years ago, Jesus called me back to Himself, I listened, and things have never been the same since.

I am blessed.


Bloom Where You’re Planted – How To Grow Organically

Bloom and Grow Where You Are Planted

“Bloom where you’re planted.” I have had a love/hate relationship with that phrase! As I get older, it makes more sense. It is hard to grow — as a person, a business, a Christian.  It’s even harder to grow organically, without losing who bits of yourself or making changes and compromises that don’t fit who you are.

In my quest to become a solopreneur (again),  I have joined (too) many Facebook groups. As I drop, one by one, those in which the sole focus is to “earn a million bucks in one launch,” I’m looking for those that resonate with my faith and my own life view. One that I really enjoy is called the Made For More Community and is founded by Emily Grabatin. In reading through her FB group, I found a blog post she had written entitled, “Bloom Where You Are Planted.” This is a favorite topic of mine. I encourage you to read it if you are seeking change. It’s a good read about how you can use the circumstances of where you are now to facilitate becoming a better you when the changes you hope and dream and pray for do come.

It brought to mind, for me, wildflowers growing in a meadow. They don’t strive for air or soil or water. They simply grow where they are. Nothing against cultivated flowers, like orchids, but for myself, I think I’d rather be a wildflower.

Welcome To My Blog!

Woman Journaling - I Blog
Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash

Welcome to my blog!

It has been a very long time since I have written consistently. This blog will be a funky blend of things — kind of like me. You’ll find the personal, the WordPress/business stuff, tips and tricks, and other things I find fascinating. Hopefully, you will either learn something about me or the topic at hand or at least find some amusement in my ramblings.

So I’m Shelby and I started building websites in 1996, when I opened my first solopreneur business in medical transcription. I started a mom blog, Apron Strings and Angst, about 2007-2008 and it ran until about 2012. My handle in some online places is “christiangeek,” which seems to fit me just perfectly. I’m a research nerd who loves Jesus. I’m a remarried widow and mom to two LGBT kids (yes, I still love them and no, I haven’t disowned them).

I have lots of hopes and dreams. I’m passionate about helping women find purpose and joy. And I look forward to getting to know you!

I will do my best to label each blog post so you can sort according to your interests. Welcome to my online world!