Shelby KetchenHi, I’m Shelby. Welcome to my business and to my world.

I know what it’s like to have a dream for a business and have no idea how you could possibly ever make it happen. I know what it’s like to try to do it on no money, no time and nearly no sleep.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had someone with whom you could hash out your ideas with no judgment? Maybe someone who gets it? Almost like a best friend who could hold you accountable to realistic goals that fit into your life and give you a healthy dose of encouragement along the way? 

I wished that a lot along my journey. By virtue of my training and my experience, I’m so happy to be that person for other women!

Are You A Struggling Mom?

Struggling mom wanting to feed her kids good foodWhen my children were very young, my husband was disabled and we lost 60% of our income and gained many ever-increasing medical bills. I was my husband’s sole caregiver so I could not work away from home. Plus daycare (even after-school care) for littles? Crazy money.

Look at that rainbow of veggies. I know most of us moms want to feed our kids good food, healthy food. It is so hard to afford! We’ve become an unhealthy and obese nation in part because bad food is what most of us can afford!

Are you there right now?

I taught myself the medical language and the tech to become a medical transcriptionist and ran my company for 12 years. During the same time, I did beaded jewelry design (both for craft fairs and online venues such as Ruby Lane) and book distribution. Felt like my entire life was a side hustle.

It was so hard. And so worth it to contribute to my family’s income and be able to be home. 

After my husband died, I got a little derailed. Anticipatory grieving might be a thing but it does not prepare you for the real thing. Especially when you have kids still in school and your entire 24-hour day has been scheduled around caregiving of one sort or another. 

Are you in a midlife transition?

Woman Midlife TransitionIn a four-year period of time, my husband died, I remarried, and I lost most of my sight. Oh, and I became an empty nester.

Now I’m legally blind and have enough physical issues that I can’t work a “regular” job. My brain still works though! I still have dreams and goals. I’m not out of the game.

I am 20 years older than the first time around. That makes it harder.  The online business world has changed. Marketing has changed and the tech has changed.

Are you feeling that your best years might have passed you buy? That you’re too old to reach for the stars?


Don’t Fall For The Hype!

Money flying outThere are a lot of people out there — coaches, consultants, web designers, social media marketers — who will tell you that they can help you make your dream business a reality. And they can. But you might have to spend your savings or go into debt.

I disagree. All of my businesses, including this one, have been bootstrapped — started with free or nearly free resources and tools. And a lot of sweat equity. I’ve not built them on credit cards or with loans. I’ve saved and scraped and done without but it has mostly been about finding people who wanted to help. Sure, I had to pay some of them. Very little of value is absolutely free. But it does not have to break the bank!

It is my passion — my ministry, if you will — to help women and I am in this incredible position of helping women make their dreams come true!

I can provide coaching, website tech, and research at prices that real people with real bills can afford.

I’d love to talk to you about your dreams. Click here for a free discovery call. No obligation, and I’d love the chance to hear about your dreams and encourage you in them.

Shelby Ketchen: Helping Lady Bosses Make Their Dream Business A RealityWhat can I do for you?

Talk to me, friend and future business colleague. How can I help you to make your dream a reality?

  • Say NO to debt.
  • Say NO to not having time to enjoy your life.
  • Say NO to being chained to your desk for someone else’s profit.
  • Say NO to feeling like your life is just slogging from one day to the next.

Just contact me or go ahead and schedule a discovery call!

Say YES to waking up every morning excited about your worktime, your playtime, your LIFE. Because you only get one!

I’m a credentialed coach. More importantly, I’ve done this! 

“They” say that necessity is the mother of invention. I think that there’s a lot of truth to that statement. Necessity can drive us forward but is forward your best direction? What if you need to take a sidestep or a leap of faith? Coaching can help with that and so can a BBF (best business friend) who has been there & done that!

I’m a tech geek with over 20 years of experience with websites.

Does the fact that I, at one time, owned about 75 domain names make me a geek? It’s a start! So is building websites from handcoded HTML back in the 90s, then moving to Blogger and then to WordPress. Websites, landing pages, blogs all equal happiness to me!

I can help you to identify your WHY, conquer your fears, and manage your tech.

It is my experience that the single biggest thing you can do to help yourself, once you’ve identified that you want to make a big life change, personal or professional, is to identify the deep and underlying WHY. That WHY is the thing that keeps you going when the going gets tough. And it always does! Whether your goal is to read more, lose weight, or become a lady boss, life happens. What keeps you in there slugging? #QuitAndThenWhat


Need advice?

I have a free 30-60 minute discovery call available just for you. Ask questions. Talk through your ideas. Get some insights. There’s no obligation!

Let me help you make your dream business a reality.