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My little corner of the Internet is as eclectic as I am. As you can see in the text on my sidebar, I wear a lot of hats. If you’re a writer/content creator, a woman who is looking for meaning and purpose, or if you’re physically disabled, you’ll likely find something to interest you or maybe even inspire you to become a better version of yourself!

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Are You A Content Creator?

The Authors' AlcoveI am a writer, and so is my son. We are both continually frustrated by how many other tasks there are to do in order to get your message or story “out there,” tasks that leave very little time for actual writing. Can you identify?

This applies to book authors, bloggers, ministers and ministry partners, poets, and just about any kind of content creator you can think of.

That frustration birthed The Authors’ Alcove. We provide virtual assistant services that can help free you up to follow your bliss — content creation. I hope you’ll visit us there.

Does Life Seem Like A Constant Series Of Do-Overs?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I went from wife to caregiver to widow to wife again in four years. I have rebuilt my life from scratch several times. It is frustrating, exhausting, and painful.

I named my¬†coaching site Rebuild Your Life Again (see the emphasis there?) on purpose. Too many of us start over and over and over. Sometimes it’s through necessity, such as a loss, but other times, it is because we simply wandered off track, got busy with the minutiae of life, and didn’t keep our eye on the ball.

Rebuild your life. Find your bliss. Live your dream.

Faith, Fitness, And Physical Challenges

Seems like an odd grouping, doesn’t it? It has been life-changing for me to realize and understand how closely they are all related. These are and will be ongoing topics in my life so I would just suggest you read my blog!

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